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The CU Denver Undergraduate Design Build course series focuses on the relationship between service learning, international perspectives and architectural intervention. The students will design a functional community building and fundraise monies for materials for the village of Escambray, Nicaragua. The building, with input from community leaders, will provide a site for educational advancement and a facility for outdoor plumbing.

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We desperately need your help!

We have nearly completed our design to construct a safe community center in Nicaragua for locals to gather, host events, and even receive aid (such as doctors, teachers, and assisted meals, etc.) However, without your donations, our design WILL NOT get built! We need your help as donations will close December 20th

Come support us at 4Gā€™s restaurant December 11th!

  • 15% of all proceeds go to our donation fund!

  • 3866 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113


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